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EasIly Sell Your Home For Top Dollar With Or Without A Listing Agent

Be in control of selling your home, once listed, in a little as 30 days or less.  You can utilize the home sellers’ blueprint for a step by step plan to build your confidence and successfully sell your home. Knowledge is power when you take action to achieve your goal of selling your home and saving a lot of money.

Created by a licensed Realtor® who no longer lists properties or runs buyers and simply wants to help home sellers sell quickly and retain equity. 

If you’re a  homeowner and want to decide if hiring a listing agent is right for you or not, it’s essential to understand the home selling process.  

Here, we focus on the 20% of effort that is responsible for 80% of the success in home sales. 

You can either save thousands by listing yourself or be satisfied with hiring a Realtor® that specializes in listings and sells more than $15 million in real estate per year. 

The Home Sellers BluePrint

The blueprint is a one-page map showing steps a home seller takes to sell a home for the most money within the proper time frame.

Blueprint Implementation Plan

The implementation plan is No B.S. and right to the main points for action takers searching for a no-nonsense approach to a successful listing and sale.

Who This Is For And Not For

See if this home selling system is right for you. We don’t try to serve everyone so we can provide the best content and action steps for those we can serve.

HSB-Blurred Home sellers blueprint

What if you had a proven path for selling your home on your terms? 

Almost any homeowner can sell their home with proper instruction. If you are about to consider selling your home, you need the home sellers’ blueprint first before you do anything else. That means before you try preparing your home for sale and researching or calling agents.

356177_TimeTalentMoney_op01Line_011819 Home sellers blueprint

What tasks you do even if you use a listing agent?

When selling a home youre going to perform certain tasks even it an agent is involved. What is important to understand is what those tasks are and what they are not if you choose to have an agent represent you on your next home sale.

FSBO-Blueprint_black-e1547754255789 Home sellers blueprint

Is MLS Required For Selling Your Home?  

20+ years ago the answer would have been yes. Today there is, the #1 real estate website. Yes, it outperforms when taking into consideration consumer or buyer usage. The important part is learning how to use to your advantage.  

“I only used a portion of the information from the Home Sellers’ Blueprint Implementation plan, and I saved roughly $15,000.  There was no agent on either side. Paperwork was a breeze and both myself, and the buyer are happy.”

Kevin S.

Happily Sold FSBO

“I decided to go with a specialized listing agent who sells more than $20 million a year, and I’m happy I did. We received a full price offer on day 1. It was great not having to research and interview agents. I had a friend interviewed agents and the agents he interviewed never stopped calling him for weeks.”

Bernie B.

Happily Received A Referred Realtor®

You Will Save Money!

I’m not interested in listing your home, but I will show you how to sell your home by using the most effective methods I used when successfully selling homes.

Just so we are clear, I don’t represent you, and you’re aware I’m an Ohio licensed agent. I keep my license active because I refer resale listings out to other agents and work with new construction buyers planing to build a new home. 

If you decide, selling your home for sale by owner is not for you, I’ll quickly refer a Realtor® who specializes in listings, to you, in your area. I only work with one or two real estate agents per location, and I’ll provide one agent your information. After buying my blueprint and being referred a listing agent from my network, you’ll receive $400 at closing for investing the $297 in yourself with our Home Sellers’ Blueprint Implementation plan.

If you are wondering why we would refund you more, it’s simple, the brokerage I’m licensed with will receive a referral fee, and I’ll be sending a better seller lead (a homeowner who understands the home selling process) to the listing agent, in my network, within your area.

Everyone is happy, everyone wins. Join me in making a home selling difference.

No Hidden Fees

Simple, straightforward pricing

Home Seller Blueprint – Free

Home Seller Blueprint Implementation Plan – $297

If you decide to request a Realtor who specializes in listings and they close your home, Realty Done will refund you $400 within 48 business hours after closing.

Yes, it pays to educate yourself on the home selling process.



Extended UpDates For Early AdoptErs

As we grow, our information will continue to be enhanced. As an early adopter, you will have 3 year access to any update to our implementation plan.

Take it from me, no matter how many real estate deals you do, things come up that you will never think of considering and we’ll share them with you.




Our Motivation

Our goal is to help 1000 home sellers in 2020. For others to learn from, we’ll be sharing stories from our clients, good and bad.

Homeowners, be aware! You live in an over saturated market of real estate agents that don’t sell.

In most business environments, 20% of the people are responsible for 80% of the results.

In real estate, about 5% of agents are responsible for 95% of the results.



Start Taking Action With The Home Selling System RIght Away

We’re the go-to reference manual for new home sellers who don’t have experience selling homes, investors, and anyone else looking to sell their house more confidently and with the least amount of stress.

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