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The Story Behind Realty Done

When it comes to real estate agents, most agents have become a commodity.

With over 6,000+ agents in northeast Ohio, most of the residential real estate talent is below an average level. Before the internet brought listings online, the real estate agent’s role was to find the right home/buyer. Today, agents still act the same way, but with websites like Zillow, buyers can find their own homes and sellers can list their homes for free. Great agents are required to do more if they want to be in a category of one. The commodity agents are still doing the bare minimum, and it offers little value to you as a home buyer or seller.

You deserve an agent with actual experience.

Don’t be fooled by claims like “real estate expert,” “top agent” or “negotiation specialist,” etc. Anyone can make blanketed claims and pay to be on the cover of a magazine.

You want an agent that has done more than just passed a real estate exam, which really teaches agents the rules and how to avoid getting sued.

Only true experience teaches agents how homes are built or how to market, sell, negotiate, and service their clients.

You should demand a higher level of service.

Your agent should do more than put a sign in your yard, a lockbox on your door, enter your home into MLS and wait for someone to call. That is the bare minimum of what an agent offers.

Your agent should be specialized. 

Just like there are specialists in the medical profession, there are specialists in areas of real estate (marketing, listings, buyers, high-end, commercial, etc.). Agents that specialize in a service area are experts in what they do.

Realty Done is here for you to consume no B.S. real estate information for selling a home, buying a home, or building new construction.

If you are selling your home, you have a right to choose how you will sell. Do you want to go at it alone as a FSBO (for sale by owner)?

Don’t let agents trick you into believing that you can’t list your home FSBO. They are trained to make the FSBO process sound overwhelming so they get your listing.

With our Home Sellers’ Blueprint, you can easily sell your home without an agent or MLS by listing it on Zillow, where the most significant number of home buyers congregate. Keep in mind, there are specific steps you need to do, and some sellers are just not comfortable enough to go at it alone.

If you’re not completely comfortable with FSBO, you also have a choice to have an agent look over your shoulder and consult for you. The consulting fee is an addition to the Home Sellers’ Blueprint, but the agent can make sure your pricing is right, your marketing is on point and can even walk you through negotiations and closing.

Maybe you’d rather not do FSBO and want a listing agent who specializes in your price range.

Here is where a real specialist can provide options that will get the job done.

  • Aerial photography
  • 3D 4k virtual tours
  • Facebook and Google ads to select targets who are potential buyers
  • Direct mail target marketing to select targets of potential buyers who can afford your home
  • Other direct mail that commands a response… and the list goes on

If you’re buying an existing home, you have a right to work with a great buyer’s agent. 

Most newbie agents work as buyer’s agents. That’s right — they are learning the ropes on your big purchase. Be forewarned: just because you hired an agent from that big team doesn’t mean you’ll get a rock star agent. Don’t worry, the team leader is waiting behind the scenes to help if and when it’s needed. Gosh, I’m feeling more comfortable already *insert sarcasm.*

It’s important to realize that running buyers is often a pain in the a$$. You tour numerous homes, lose a few because the buyer didn’t act quickly enough, then the buyer compares homes on the market with homes no longer available, hoping they will find their happily ever after. Because of this scenario, many great agents choose not to run buyers and focus on listings or running their team.

There are great buyer’s agents out there, if you know how to find them. 

A great buyer’s agent is someone that knows the area where you’re looking to buy a home. They are familiar with the types of houses in the area and the common problems they have. Great buyer’s agents educate you on potential concerns, values and make sure you don’t overpay unless you choose.

If building a new home, you should work with a new home construction expert. 

Many real estate agents aren’t familiar with new home construction or the significant differences between building custom, semi-custom, or with a production builder. These agents don’t understand the process, and because of their lack of knowledge, they can’t provide value to you as you work with builders. Some agents even demand to use their contract because they don’t know builders have their own, and they are not modified for new construction. 

There are real estate agents who have worked for home builders and understand the ins and outs of new home construction. Wouldn’t you feel more comfortable with an agent who has helped over 400+ new home construction buyers? 

When considering to go the new home construction route, it’s essential to make sure you have someone representing your needs, wants, and interests.

If you visit a builder or the builder’s sales team, they will treat you great. Want to know a dirty little secret? They are selling you and are highly trained in many cases to tap into your emotions, build urgency and create the ultimate fear of missing out (FOMO), so you buy today before you leave and visit any other builders. This dirty little secret is only one of the reasons you should have a new home construction expert representing you upon entering the new home construction arena.

Other ways new home construction experts can guide you down the path of a successful new home build are many.

  • Understanding loan programs
  • Types of builders
  • Earnest money deposits
  • Time frames
  • Included features or allowances
  • Selections
  • Topography maps
  • Lot conditions
  • Lot premiums
  • Information provided by different sales counselors
  • Contracts
  • What to pay attention to
  • What could go wrong and how to react
  • This list goes on

Plain and simple, most buyers and sellers just don’t know what has been happening in the real estate industry.

Here at Realty done we want to cut through all the B.S. and make you a smarter buyer or seller. We want you to know what to look for and get where you need to go efficiently and as pain free as it can possibly be.

Buying or selling a home is not a fun process. Your time invested in the process pulls you away from other things that are more enjoyable and less emotional as dealing with residential real estate transaction. We are here to provide you with information that you can take action on and get $#*^ done.

I don’t want to continue witnessing the distress resulting from people, just like you, selecting the wrong real estate agent. But with the overwhelming number of agents out there, how could you possibly know who the exceptional agents are?

Since getting involved in real estate in May of 2002, I have had so many people tell me about their horror stories. Some we laughed about and others the client was in tears. I had no choice but to create a community that puts the buyer and seller in more control vs relying on a bad agent they didn’t know was bad until it was too late.

I knew there had to be a way that customers could find a top-performing, reputable agent without spending loads of time researching and interviewing.

So, I embarked on creating a community, for my homies, that connects buyers and sellers with need to know information and top-performing, reliable agents.

I hope you enjoy!

Meet The Realty Done Team

You’re lucky to have a talented team of people who tell it like it is who work hard together to make a difference for home buyers and sellers who need it.

Damien-Baden-3 About

Damien Baden


He is passionate about real estate and helping clients make the best decisions for themselves.

When you apply to work with Damien, know that you will be paired with the right agent who will accomplish your real estate goal. Damien Baden is a licensed and active Ohio Realtor® that specializes in listing homes above $300,000 and representing buyers who want to build a new home.

If Damien is not best suited for you, he will refer you to another agent who is. Anyone requesting to work with him outside of his specialization we be referred to an aggressive agent with lots of deal flow. He has been referring agents since 2002 and has yet to have one complaint about who he has referred.

He understands agents can’t be great at everything, and you deserve someone great at the goal you are aiming to achieve. 

If you want to know about working with Damien’s CLICK HERE

Lesleigh_Baden-removebg-preview About

Lesleigh Baden


Fun loving and one of the greatest personalities. She has the eye for marketing and getting people excited. Her strategy and instinct create a receipe for success!


No more wasted time researching, interviewing or selecting the wrong real estate agent


Within 24 hours, you’ll have a hand-selected, top-performing Realtor that specializes in your buying or selling needs


Your referred agent is an experienced, full-time Realtor who will provide expert guidance along each step of the way


Realty Done believes in giving back and donates 7% of our net profits to charity

Our Mission  To educate and empower  5,000 home buyers and sellers (clients) to feel more confident, less overwhelmed and in more control of their next real estate transaction.

Our Vision  The heart of Realty Done is bringing social change through everyday residential real estate transactions. We are creating smarter home sellers and buyers by removing all the B.S. and outdated real estate practices.

Our Promise  Realty Done simplifies the way buyers and sellers select a top real estate agent. As a real estate information business, we operate with honesty and transparency. We strive to continuously improve our platform and deliver information that fosters a successful and enjoyable home buying or selling experience.

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