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Yes, poop happens. Everyone poops. However, poop is gross.

I recently showed a home that was not only polluted with the odor of day-old diaper genie, but also had a backyard littered with hundreds of piles of dog poop. It’s no surprise that my buyers and I thought the house stunk- literally. Talk about a crappy showing…

poop-300x225 Don't Let Your House be the Smelly Kid

Someone forgot to scoop the poop

Remember that smelly kid in class? Nobody liked the smelly kid. Don’t let your house be the “smelly kid!”

As a seller, you must ensure that buyers touring your home NEVER smell, see or even think about poop. Poop is gross.

How to make your home a poop-free zone:

  1. When you list your home for sale, take the “out of sight, out of mind” approach to poop. Before showings, hide the flushable wipes, toilet bowl scrubber, diaper genie and litter box.
  2. (number two lol) Become a daily pooper scooper. This means scoop the litter box, sweep up the kitty litter, pick up doggy droppings, empty the diaper genie, and -by all means- flush the toilet (and put the lid down while you’re at it)!
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