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Dream Home Finder Program

There is a better way to find your next home. You can still keep an eye on what’s available Zillow and MLS, but you can now locate homes that are not listed, and other agents don’t know they exist.

Text “Private Home Finder” to 440-628-1321 to get started.

Are you tired of looking through all the overpriced pick through leftovers that you are finding on Zillow or

I get it.

You are likely looking every single day, trying to find that perfect new available home, before some else, takes it from you.

Trying to get into a new listing before it’s under contract, it is stressful and can become extremely annoying.

When there is a great home that is perfectly priced for the market, it seems to go before you even have a chance to view it, That is unless you happen to be, one of the lucky buyers who were in the right place at the right time.

The only problem with that is, now you are competing, to see who’s willing to pay the most so they can finally stop their real estate house hunt and stop losing homes to other competing buyers.

Trust me. I get it, and I feel your pain.

Home buying can be draining. The fact is. Some of the best homes never even make it to the open market. You don’t even realize they were available for purchase until later hearing that a home sold, only because the neighbors saw the moving trucks going and coming.

What I’d like to do is work with you as your buyer’s agent. Whereby you tell me exactly what you’re looking for. And based on your criteria. I’ll be able to come up with a secret list of homes, you can privately tour, with me, that no one else knows about.

To be clear, though. I do not have any properties to send to you right now, these aren’t pocket listings.

I’m going out into the market to find dream homes for you.

How you may be wondering.

Well, I’ll use target marketing and go specifically to the neighborhood you’re most interested in. I’ll be investing my own money into this search, to help you.

I’ll let the homeowners know; I have a ready buyer, willing, and able to own within their community. Once potential sellers raise their hands, we will be able to go directly to those sellers and view their homes.

These homes are not on the MLS. They’re not hidden from the MLS. And no other realtor knows about them being for sale.

So what does that mean to you?

Well, you won’t have to feel stressed and overwhelmed by other aggressive buyers beating you to your dream home. Other buyers won’t know your dream home was for sale until it’s too late, and they notice the moving trucks in your new front yard.

If this sounds interesting to you, then let me know so I can find your absolute perfect home with my Private Home Finder Program.

The best part is, you are not obligated to buy if it’s not right for you.

Text “Private Home Finder” to 440-628-1321 to get started.

Damien Baden

Coldwell Banker Schmidt Realty

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