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Ultimate NO B.S Guide for understanding the Home building process and finding New Home Construction Near YOU

Search the largest collection of new construction homes, including to-be-built homes and inventory homes (move-in-ready spec homes). Scroll down for more information about the new home construction process. 

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Work With A New Construction Expert

A builder’s salesperson represents the home builder and their interests. Shouldn’t you have someone looking out for YOUR best interest?

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Find THE right Builder & CommunitY FOR YOUR NEW HOME

Decide if a custom builder or a production builder will best suit your needs. Find a community that offers what you’re looking for. 

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Avoid Careless Mistakes on Your New Home

From deposits, to contracts and change orders, there is much to go awry with your new home build process.

IMPORTANT: Don’t Visit Home Builders Without Representation! 

Upon your first visit to a New Home Builder, you must mention your agent or be accompanied by them. Otherwise, you won’t qualify to have a New Construction Expert represent and advise you with your new home.  

1. your Agent Pre-Registers you with Builders

and informs the builders you’ll be stopping by.

2. Add Your Agent's Info On The Registration Card

(if they aren’t with you on your first visit).


of the community and menu of homes.




Your agent should stay in contact with all the builders you visit.

The new home construction process is never perfect...

and will likely not go as planned. When building a new home, it's important you have buyer representation from an agent familiar with the new home construction process. There are real estate agents who have worked for builders and have gone through the process of building a new home hundreds of times. We refer to these real estate agents as new home construction experts. We highly suggest using a new construction expert on your next home build.

Home building vs Buying an Existing Home?

The best way to determine if building or buying an existing home offers the most value for your budget is by visiting new home construction first.

This helps you understand…

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How Much New Home Can Your Money Buy?

Visiting new home construction builders and their communities before touring existing (resale) homes will  help you better realize value and what you can get for your money.

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BETTER Evaluate Resale Value With A Base Line

Once you know the base price of new home construction and what you can get for your money, you can better evaluate if buying an existing home makes sense.

Understanding new construction base pricing makes you a smarter buyer

When buying a home, knowing how much new construction costs per square foot can help you understand if you should buy a new home, fix up the resale that is outdated or buy an existing home that is move in ready. The worst experience I want you to avoid is buying an existing home that requires numerous repairs and maintenance and later figuring out the new construction home would have been a better value if you would have looked their first before starting your home search. 

 Before purchasing a home, understand what is most important to you

 Are you able to get financing for a construction loan or end loan?

 What areas and locations you are interested in?

 Once you find an area you buy a home, you’ll want to understand the available neighborhoods.

 Do any of the neighborhoods match your family’s needs, hobbies or interests?

 What kind of builders are building in your area of interest?

 What type of lots are available to build on?

 What kind of homes are in your area of interest?

 Are there any floor plans or layouts that work for you? 

 Will your home fit on a homesite you prefer?

 Are the options you prefer available?  

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No B.S. Home Selling

Whether you are selling FSBO alone, doing ‘assisted’ FSBO, or hired a listing agent, we have helpful strategies that will get you more money in a shorter amount of time.

Home-Seller-Blueprint-Teaser New Home Construction

Home Sellers' Blueprint

Discover the blueprint for selling your home without a Realtor®, open houses or MLS, and how to save from 2.5% to 6% when selling your home. 

Home-Buying New Home Construction


Don’t rely on a buyer’s agent when buying your next home. Know how to access data and make sure you don’t overpay before you submit an offer.

Which New Home Builders You Should Consider to Build a Home

Depends On Your Timeline, Budget And Level of Personalization

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Custom Home Builders 

Typically build on single lots owned by the builder or home buyer

Often sells homes without in-house sales team or model home to showcase

Build unique and one of a kind homes designed and built from scratch

Construction process is a learning curve and leaves room for surprises

Slower new home construction times line is 7 to 9 months if not longer

No bulk pricing so the new home build cost is higher than production builders

Exact new home build cost can change if allowances for options are to low 

Need to work with an architect or in house design team of the builder

Floor plan designed for a specific buyer and may not be liked by the masses

Construction materials may be altered based on owner preference

Typically financed by the home owner building via a construction loan

Owner provides payments to builder throughout building process

Unlimited choices for customization, fixtures, colors, options

Pricing for options varies with unlimited choices and floor plans

Homes around often vary and may or many not be in an association

Less likely to offer speculation (spec) homes or quick move-in homes

Builder with lower margins and less room to offer incentives to buyers

Homes often look very different compared to past homes built

Options and selections are off site and usually have to go to storefronts

Owners choice if trees are left on a home site. 

Often exceed budget expectations during the build process

Typically the owner is responsible for lot conditions

Home and land often come in two separate packages

Production Home Builders 

Typically a community builder owned by the developer or builder

Often sells homes with in-house sales team or model home to showcase

Negotiate bulk pricing with contractors to provide more affordable homes

Construction process is fine tuned for maximum effeciency

Faster new home construction times line in as little as 3 to 6 months 

Can build hundreds of homes a year using the same house designs

Know how much each new home build costs down to the penny

Pick from a menu of available floor plans offered for the community

Floor plans are designed for the masses and liked by many consumers

Construction materials are only what are provided by the builder

Financed by the builder via an end loan after construction is complete

Owner makes final payment when the building process is complete

Limited choices for customization, fixtures, colors, options

Fixed pricing for options but of limited options and floor plans

Homes are often in an association with parks, walking trails, etc.

Likely to offer speculation (spec) homes or quick move-in homes

Builder with higher margins and room to offer incentives to buyers

Home like very similar and major differences are in color and front exterior 

Options and selections are on site at a model or you go to a design center

Builders choice if trees remain on a home site. 

Less likely to exceed budget expectations due to limited option selection time

Typically the builder has done homework and is responsible for lot conditions

Home and land come in one package

Homes are not built the way the used to be

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Buying a less expensive home and renovating can be appealing and makes the interior look updated. However, newly built homes exceed older homes from insulation, energy consumption, maintenance requirements, inspections, safety of materials, quality control, unforeseen expenses. 

Meet Tougher Standards to Pass Inspections

There is better engineering and knowledge of safe products

Offer Modern Safety Features

Technology has drastically improved in the past 20 years

Energy Efficient and Reduce Outside Noise

Use less energy and provide more sound proofing

Built for Today's Lifestyles

Consumption today is completely different than the past century

New home construction timeline

The new home build process contains a lot of unknowns so you need to plan where you are going to live if extra time is needed. New home construction time lines can be anywhere from three months to over a year or more. Square footage, weather conditions, availability of construction workers and supplies can all play a part in unwanted delays when building a home. 

If you need to move in sooner than later spec homes and production builders will likely be the best alternative for buying new construction. However, if you’re timing is flexible and your budget permits custom homes will also work. 

New home construction stages

Please keep in mind the work may vary per builder and local inspection requirements may be different this time table should set a good expectation of what will take place during the new home building process. Assuming this is a home with poured basement walls.

Building Permit Stage (The Approval)

rsz_depositphotos_2662023_l-2015 New Home Construction

Once home design, engineering and  structural items are complete and there is a topography map showing the home on the home site, permits are submitted.  Depending on the amount of permits at the municipality, it usually takes about a month to obtain building permits to move forward. 

Foundation Stage (The Dirt Work)

rsz_img_9203 New Home Construction

Begin site work. Stake property and foundation

Set up erosion control (silt fence) on property and temporary electric

Begin excavation work for basement, craw space or slab. Add large stone to driveway for base

Set forms for footers then pour concrete

Forms for basement walls, craw space 

Set underground plumbing in place


Walls poured 

Forms are pulled  from poured walls

Pour stone around footers 

Add waterproofing material

Structural Steel Set

Frame First Floor Install First Floor Sub-floor

Rough Grade during concrete curing time.

Framing Stage (Stick and Bricks)

rsz_img_9211 New Home Construction

Lumber package is dropped on site

Frame walls and ceilings including windows and doors rough openings. 

Install remaining sub-floors, trusses or build rafters 

Exterior sheathing and windows installed. Roof sheathing completed. 

Add house wrap and roof material, flashing, windows and doors

Add basement, garage and driveway concrete

Mark recessed can, phone and cable locations

Add gutters and downspouts

Add Garage door

 Rough Mechanicals Stage (Behind the walls)

rsz_depositphotos_8179632_l-2015 New Home Construction

Rough in electrical and plumbing lines in floor, walls and ceiling

Rough in plumbing installed

Rough in Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning (HVAC)

Rough electrical installed

Rough electrical installed

Expansive form spray to reduce air infiltration

Municipal Inspections for frame, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical

It’s weird they never leave and have to follow us.

Batt Insulation Installed and Drywall Stocked Per Room

Insulation/Drywall Stage (Closing Things In)

rsz_img_9417 New Home Construction

Pre-dry Inspections

Drywall installed through out home

Drywall nailing inspection completed

Ceiling Insulation stalled (Blown)

Drywall fire taped and textured

Exterior finishes installed (stone/brick/siding)

Exterior Trim Stalled

Prime walls with 1st coat of paint

Paint doors and trim/molding

Interior Finishings Stage (Hard Floors, Cabinets & Trim)

rsz_1depositphotos_345948516_l-2015 New Home Construction

Install ceramic/hardwood floors

Lay down protective covering on floors

Finish electric and plumbing

Install door casing and doors

Install Cabinets

Add base trim/molding

Install ceiling and chair molding

Staircase balusters and railing added


Final Stage (Comes to life)

rsz_depositphotos_8702192_l-2015 New Home Construction

Finalize electric & plumbing and test

Finish HVAC and test

Interior paint

Remainder of flooring installed

Install appliances

Install countertops

Hang or glue mirrors in baths

Finish shower enclosures

Install final hardware to doors and cabinets

Final Inspection

Touch up for walk through with home owner

Final walk through with home owner

After Closing (Moving In)

rsz_depositphotos_200765390_l-2015 New Home Construction

Install window coverings/dressings

Seal concrete drive and garage floor

Install Patio/Deck

Install landscaping/retaining walls

Rock hound yard, then seed and straw

Buy furniture and decor

Home-Buying New Home Construction


Don’t rely on a buyer’s agent when buying your next home. Know how to access data and make sure you don’t overpay before you submit an offer.

Home-Seller-Blueprint-Teaser New Home Construction

Home Sellers' Blueprint

Discover the blueprint for selling your home without a Realtor®, Open Houses or MLS and save up to 2.5% to 6% when selling your home. 

New-Home-Cleveland New Home Construction

Find New Homes Near Me

Quickly search up to date active list of new homes available near me. Various to be built and inventory homes. 

Your New Home Build Will Experience Schrinkage In The First Year

rsz_depositphotos_148034055_l-2015 New Home Construction

Your home will not look so pretty in the first year you live in your home. It’s ok what’s happening and removes those thoughts about how the builder must build crap. The 1-year follow-up is a common practice for builders and their new home clients. Below is a list if issues that are common to happen within the first year. 

You will experience nail pops

Floors may squeek

Drywall will crack

Cabinet door may worp

Caulk will crack around trim

Concrete walls will show cracks

Basement wall may leak

Door may need adjustment

Dirt around foundation may settle

5 tips for building a new home

rsz_depositphotos_339209958_l-2015 New Home Construction

Have a new construction expert on your side to avoid unneeded mistakes

Know who is responsible for lot conditions so you don’t lose a lot of money

Properly read your topography map and understand your yard

Plan in advance so you don’t make late changes with options/selections 

Avoid making big purchases until after closing on your home

9 home building mistakes to avoid spoken from the buyer

rsz_depositphotos_61924911_l-2015 New Home Construction

I didn’t add enough lighting

Why did I go so trendy, now my home is dated. 

I should have done a 9′ basement 

You need irrigation to get that grass to grow

Always make the garage bigger if you can

I wish I had more outlets in areas I need them.

Why didn’t I add hard surfaces to traffic areas

I should’ve upgraded my kitchen 

Next time I’m heating the bath floors

“I only used a portion of the information from the Home Sellers’ Blueprint Implementation plan, and I saved roughly $15,000 selling my duplex near the Ohio State University.  There was no agent on either side. Paperwork was a breeze and both myself, and the buyer are happy.”

Kevin S.

Happily Sold FSBO

“I requested listing agent from the founder of Realty Done. The listing agent sells more than $20 million per year. I’m happy I took advantage of the offer. We received a full price offer on day 1. I didn’t have to go through many of the inconveniences sellers normally deal with during a listing.”

Bernard B.

Happily Received A Referred Realtor®

Ultimate No B.S. Search for New Home Construction Near Me

Search the largest collection of new homes that are to be built and inventory homes (spec homes) that are currently available with quicker move in time frames. 

Planning the sale of your home during your new home build

rsz_depositphotos_200560002_l-2015 New Home Construction

Since building a new home takes months to complete, you have plenty of time to make your home ready to get top dollar when it’s listed for sale. 

Check out the Home Sellers’ Blueprint

Get rid of what’s not coming with you.

Fertilize and refresh the outside

Fix items in need of repair. 

Replace mirrors or fixtures you are taking.

Prewarn your network of the upcoming sale.

Start painting rooms in neutral colors.

Pay attention to closed home sales near you.

Decide how soon you place your home for sale.

What you should expect when touring a model home

rsz_showing_home New Home Construction

Expect to be greeted upon entering the sales center and offered something to drink. 

Plan to get an overview of the community and the types of homes they are building.

Be prepared to talk about your situation. (Affordability, Timeframe, and Needs)

Plan on having a guided tour of the model or potentially an inventory home.

Ask any questions about their options, color selections and what is included.

Be willing to go out on-site and see where the home you like can be built.

Anticipate small talk when heading back to the model from being out on site. 

Have the opportunity to run numbers, discuss timeframes and earnest money deposits. 

If you made it this far be prepared to be closed on making a decision today.

Plan on using the builder’s contract and don’t expect to modify the paperwork.  

rsz_depositphotos_38959877_l-2015 New Home Construction

Even if you are being accompanied by a Realtor® hopefully, one very familiar with new construction, the builder’s contract will be used.

Builders spend a lot of time and money on their paperwork and they don’t permit their sales representatives/counselors to allow buyers or their agents to modify any verbiage within the agreement. 

When it comes to a production builder, they use their own money, minus your deposit to build the home and own it till the home is transferred into your name. The paperwork will be written for their protection more than yours. This is not a bad thing just something you should expect to understand upfront. 

Another part of the contract that buyers bring up is the arbitration clause within the contract. Builders have an arbitration clause in their contracts to avoid going to court with a buyer in the event they agree to disagree and resolution can not be made. 

When it comes to earnest money deposits, don’t expect to get them back unless you are not approved for a loan. Unlike viewing re-sale or existing homes on the market, new construction builders often sell a home and then the buyer goes through the loan approval process. They sales 

Make sure you get registered with your new construction expert on your 1st visit to each builder

In order to have buyer's representation with home builders it is important to make sure you register with your real estate agent during the 1st visit with each builder. If you agent is not available at minimum write their name on your registration card stating you request his/her representation if you decide to build a new home with them.

Ultimate No B.S. Search for New Home Construction Near Me

Search the largest collection of new homes that are to be built and inventory homes (spec homes) that are currently available with quicker move in time frames. 

We are on a mission!

Our goal: To help 1,000 new home construction buyers confidently choose the right builder for their next new home build… Having someone who has knowledge about building can save you a lot of overwhelm, stress and frustration. Without representation you are relying on the builder’s sales team who represents the builder, not you.

Watch this video to see why…

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